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Quality Marketing and FTC Compliance

Beware of Fraudulent Marketers
Unfortunately, there are some in the online marketing industry that use dubious marketing methods, such as unsolicited email spam, fake blogs, made-up customer testimonials, worthless incentive traffic, and other “blackhat” techniques that will ultimately hurt you in the long-run.     As a result, we do not participate in any of these marketing schemes and advise against using any of these methods.

Fully FTC & Can-Spam Compliant
In order to combat these fraudulent marketers, the FTC has recently tightened its marketing guidelines for performance-based testimonials and compensated endorsements.    We wholeheartedly support these new guidelines and are happy to hear the FTC is cracking down on fraud.

What Makes Us Different
Our philosophy in marketing aims to match the demographics of the product to the consumer.   This boils down to market research and understanding how consumers should be approached online.

LongTerm Results come from High Quality Traffic
While search marketing can still be effective, we have found that the keyword/search marketplace is becoming over-saturated in most mainstream markets.  Rather, we focus on mass-media purchases in the content networks and popular sites where demographics are optimal.


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