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Vertical Markets and Specialties

Insurance - Consumer Markets (Auto, Heath, Life, Property)
The rise of the internet has added a completely new dynamic to insurance marketing. Millions of consumers are actively comparing insurance premiums to find the best insurance offer available, and this is where we strive to make a difference.

Financial  - Real Estate, Credit, Loans, and Investments
As the economy cycles push us into uncertain times, more consumers are turning to internet to learn about their financial options.  By offering better options to the online markets, we are able to educate and lead consumers to merchant offerings that will help them through the tough times and guide them to success in the future.

Other Markets we have over 10 years expertise in, include:

  • Health, Beauty & Wellness
  • Education & Self-Improvement
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Shopping & E-commerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Software Downloads
  • Computers & Technology
  • Clubs & Memberships

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